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  1. Er... those didn't work either! "Failed to make a connection" on both of them...
  2. Thank you! So I did read your post, and just to let you know, neither of the links worked for me. The first was just dead, and the second said safari could not establish a connection.
  3. Steve, the first line of your post makes me entirely uninterested in reading the rest of it. Please refrain from bringing that vibe here. It only makes YOU look bad.
  4. OK, so why did you post this in this section? Care to explain? Or do you think you just did?
  5. Something like "Jeff is a sustaining power for our light journey" ? or, maybe better, "That sustaining power flows through Jeff in the process of becoming Light here on the Primordial Way"? And then we can all share that sustaining power with each other? (This comes to mind after your recent post encouraging us to get up with Jeff every single day, if only for a few minutes, so as not to miss this opportunity.)
  6. I'd like to hear others input. Best I can come up with is It's harder (costs more effort?) to act like a Christian than to be a Christian...
  7. Very interesting... Thank you Billa!
  8. Cheya

    Not Two Dragons

    And here's a translation posted by Jeff here on LU!
  9. Cheya

    Not Two Dragons

    Here you go Rene. This isn't the very same translation that Jolanda refers to, but it's the one I remember from long ago the DaoBums site. Like finding an old friend... And I think it's right up your alley.... Or maybe not, lolol
  10. Cheya

    Not Two Dragons

    Thank you Jolanda! I have been looking for that text forever. It was posted on a Daoist site years ago, but I could never find it again... I've found it now, and I'm delighted!
  11. Cheya


    David will probably get back with a reply, but I can tell you my experience with solo cultivation and group work. The energy of solo cultivation is magnetic and occasionally electrical, and I'm totally addicted to it. The energy in the group work often starts with that kind of energy, which we call "flows"... but then, at least for me, and in a good "dive," the energy rises and starts to feel bigger and more spacious, and the sense of movement or flows usually disappears (at least for me) giving way to a huge spacious silence... I think it's all the same energy, but at different frequencie
  12. Cheya


    Me too! Chi junkies unite!
  13. Cheya


    ....... Lots to ponder in this post. Thank you Steve And overall, a juicy thread... thank you everybody who's contributing...
  14. Cheya


    Nicely put, Tom. Thank you!
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