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    Theosophy, Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Sacred Geometry, Tantra and Balinese Culture

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  1. Namaste and peace. Experiencing joy and bliss through ecstatic union with the divine through love, surrender and soul-possession is what I do. I was always a very philosophical person, into studying and literature, but I loved God and that much I knew, but I couldn't get very far with Advaita. I had to embrace my shamanic birthright and heritage again to get close to that and making it all 'heart stuff' instead of 'head stuff' even though it leads to the same place in the end. Needed to get every part of my holistic mind and body involved in the act... I try not to enj
  2. Greetings...hi there. Necro from SF saying 'sup. ASL: 52/F/Sydney Tendencies: Shamanic Hindu Wiccan thing which has no label, but I love and worship Shiva (Mahakala/Mahadeva) Bali culture background: Agama Hindu Dharma - Sangyang Widi Wasa - Balishaman/Balian and Bambu Kuning (Yellow Bamboo). Shamanic/Spiritual trance states and contacting spirits, Tantra and Kundalini stuff and sacred archaeology and architecture. Esoteric knowledge of Yogic practices, Theosophy, Vedas, Tibetan Buddhism and Ayurveda...basically who I am/what I do in a nutshell. Nice forum an
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