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  1. Hmm not really. I don't issue with life as it is, but i don't know what i am doing here. Not a need to have a purpose, but don't you ever pull yourself out of everything from your beliefs and life, and ask what are you doing here and why this tree is here and that cat is there ? Or you just walk life and react to what you find ?
  2. just like that? when i take action, do i just be like, ok i will do this. why ? I don't know. why people exist i don't know, why earth is here, i don't know...... why you are alive and existing... because... I exist?
  3. I would put it in a way, why does a cat exist, a tree...etc in itself what is its purpose. the only way to justify its existence is by relating it to others things/relationships. But in itself, if each form in this reality reflects back on itself, it has no meaning.
  4. Hmmm, all these reasons don't seem much convincing. at least not interesting like to realize my own nature. I mean in the first place why would you put yourself in a situation that it is not you to realize who you are. and what does it mean to realize who you are... I just am. Especially if you consider that everything is you and energy. it is a twisted thing.
  5. Can you please explain what is the purpose of all of this experience and existence?
  6. the very real game, is reality as perceived by the mind, even tho. we live life, and take roles, as kids, parents, grandparent, worker, etc we remain essentially the same. we should not identify ourselves with the roles required by the game. even tho we transform, suffer in the game, our essence remain the same through all these roles and suffering/emotional experiences. we do not runaway from the game, we remainin it and do what is required while keeping in my mind of who we really are and it is just a game.
  7. A point of view, of a spiritualist on youtube, what do you think, what do you agree and disagree with and why. Thanks
  8. Everything is energy and all the same, consciousness, energy, light.
  9. well.. giving my own opinion... i m not sure there is a study that support such thing and its impact on the society as a whole and to children and how much it would actually benefits vs harm relationships in different areas of a relationship structure. "There are many rapes, murders, crimes due to sex and unbalance laws in India." Even tho what u suggested may help temporary, but it is not a permanent thing.. it is still something that deals only with the results (rapes murders) and not actually dealing with the cause of such results. in other words, It will not fix the unbalanced la
  10. Recently, i have noticed the importance of the last Thought (activities, mind state) that a person has before sleeping, in affecting the next day in terms of the energy and mind state the person wakes up with and the quality of the whole new day. For example: watching Tv, drama series or something violent before sleeping, will make the person wakes up in a bad mood or feeling tired, Also this is similar to masturbation, thinking of negative thoughts or eating unhealthy food before sleeping. A lot of teachers recommend doing meditation at night before sleeping and ending it with mett
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