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  1. It's okay to yell and scream and cry thing out, right? I have been holding back a lot of emotions the past little while and I feel Ike they are bursting to come out... I just feel as a positive person, I'm not really allowed to be upset or have outbursts.... or swear it anything and need to find a different way to let everything out.
  2. That's the weird thing Jeff... I do love myself and my boyfriend and I accept that fully and easily.... So the lack of love for myself is not the issue.
  3. Hey, I think i have realized something.. I'm still learning to accept love from people other than myself and my boyfriend. Is it possibe to be so overwhelmed by love.. because you are not used to it that you kind of lash out or start closing off, getting stressed, crying or any of that stuff?
  4. I want to apologize to the lovely people on this site that have been trying to help me and me acting in a completely unnecessary fashion. Even though I have been dealing with a lot over the past week, does not give me reason to not show love to people who try to help. I apologize and just wanted to have that out there.
  5. Thank you all. Unfortunately, I have not been upholding my name the past 3 days. I have been wanting to hidentify from everyone, been sick (which is uncommon for me) and have been crying a lot more than usual So confused. I just want to go back to that driven, happy me I was on friday
  6. How do you go into the chat? my friend also said that people are very active in the chat.
  7. I'm new here but had someone point me to this site as he said people on here have helped him. i told him today that i was having a very good day and then all of a sudden, i felt like nothing and emotionless and wanting to cry, even typing this is making me tear up again. I believe I am just going through a growing moment, been feeling on and off for a few days.. it could also be me feeling my twin flame's feelings as well because I have nothing to be upset about
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