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  1. I appreciate your warm comments. Id hesitate to call it a gift but more of a headstart. But I am glad to have prior experience of a level of Being to refer to when im feeling lost nowadays.
  2. I occasionally smoke weed because its just an incredible experience hands down but after my progress I no longer feel a need. In fact the day afterwards, i don't feel as 'one' as i do when i don't or have just smoked. Its strange. I think in a way I wanted to be out of that state because I wasn't sure if it was 'normal' and my ego began to be in play. Nice to meet you man! That's an excellent idea! I will say Joy more often. Thank you so much!
  3. "The Observational Universe is Univeral Observation." Would anyone like to share a quote that has been important or inspirational to them?
  4. Thank you Tom. I hope this doesn't sound cheezy hahaha And as I've mentioned before, I'm not trying to do anything more here than share.
  5. Thanks! My post will need to be approved before its posted but I did share my story. Its pretty long though. Thank you two and everyone else for the warm welcome
  6. I'll post my life story here and I hope I can realize something about myself as I type this. A lot has changed each day in the past month since I have learned about NonDuality and Enlightenment through nonattachment and stress releasing. This may be a long story but I hope it's entertaining to you as much as its confused and intrigued me. I was born on a warm spring afternoon near the end of April, 1995. As I was delivered, I was very uncomfortable as for the first time in my existence as I had felt the sweet harsh sensation of cold. Rough hands held me and cleaned me up. I was stress
  7. Hey! My name is RedFall or Matt if you would like to know. Im here because I have an interesting past and I need to shed light on that, as well as my future path in life. I hope to be able to contribute here and help people out as well
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