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  1. Well of course, but the greatest treasure an Immortal has is to leave things to their natural path (wu wei) and so they refuse to interfere with the natural order. Well in Chuang Tzu there is the story of the carpenter, if you have read this, and the twisted tree. This is a similar example of uselessness in this case becoming usefulness for the tree to live a long life. When something is blank, for it to be useful, it has to be manipulated and shaped for a purpose. Once it has a purpose, it then can be used in all sorts of ways. People tend to manipulate material and people for their own ends. If something is simple and 'useless', it is not 'useful', but this useless simplicity leaves things to go their natural way and is not forced by others to interfere with the way.
  2. Hi Jeff A sage becomes the ruler of the infinite things by means that he/she realises that the wisdom of allowing things to take there natural path and life to rule and govern itself is deep wisdom. One of course does not have to be an Immortal to do this. As Li Erh says a sage is likened to the Dao and allows things to flow naturally like the stream of the universe.
  3. Hi Jeff, I thought I would put my words that Li Erh taught me and we can see the difference! In knowing a Man's strength, always keep a Woman's care in your heart. Be the stream of the Universe, ever true and flowing without preference. Become simple, yielding and soft as a child. Being the stream of the Universe, be an example to the world; approaching life with an open mind and an open heart. Dwell in the infinite Have honour and respect, but keep humility and be humble. In simplicity and openness, return to the state of the uncarved block of wood. For when the block is carved, it becomes useful for Men to manipulate and use. When the Sage returns to this stage, he becomes the ruler of the Ten Thousand Things. For he leaves everything to rise and fall naturally without interference. Of course this verse does not speak about Immortality but others do. FH
  4. sifu

    Daoist Magic

    We all have an innate ability, but gaining the power is the difficult bit. Power can only be gained by a teaching from someone who has already been through that process and has gained power. Real power and access to it is never given or gained easily. One must remember this. If one looks at the Daoist Master Chuang, he has cultivated his power and then uses it in rituals to manipulate natural forces or spirits. Some Daoist sects pass on their power through initiation. this power has come through human cultivation. The power that I use has come through an Immortal. The basis of magic is power and its manipulation. Power can come from various sources.
  5. sifu

    Daoist Magic

    The basis of Daoist magic is natural forces; how they can be controlled or summoned or manipulated. The basis of all magic is the 'fu'. This can take many forms and is manifested in different ways according to the particular sect. In the Daoist cannon one can find all sorts of 'fu' which many people copy and one can see Daoist priests use these copied images and symbols to try and manipulate nature. Now there is a problem with this in respect that the 'fu' require power and it is the power that makes the 'fu' work! If you go to youtube and look under Shaman Flowing Hands you can see one way of drawing a 'Fu'. The 'Fu' is drawn in the instance by the Immortal spirit Master who enters my body and controls my arms to draw the 'Fu'. This is just one way.
  6. sifu

    Daoist Magic

    Many people have heard of Daoist Magic, but is it rarely understood and so what does it comprise of and how does it work?. Please use this thread to ask questions about Daoist Magic and I will try my best to answer those questions
  7. Verse 23 In Nature nothing is eternal. High winds do not last all morning, heavy rain does not last all day. So why should man be forever talking. In silence, the mind and heart are set at peace. This is natural. Heaven is eternal\and so is the earth, by reproducing its own kind each generation. Man can never make things eternal, he will only just ruin things by interfering. He who follows Dao is at one with Dao. He who is virtuous, is at one with virtue. He who loses the way. feels lost. When you are at one with the Dao, the Dao welcomes you. When you are at one with virtue, virtue is always there in your heart. When you are at one with loss, loss is experienced willingly. SFH
  8. Verse 22 Yield and overcome, bend but follow the flow. Empty yourself of everything, then you can be full. Have little but gain a lot. Have much and be confused. Therefore the Sage embraces the one; he sets an example to the world, by not putting on a display he shines forth. Having no preference, he is open to all. By never boasting or bragging he can never falter. By knowing this and refusing that, he knows the ways of man. Thus he can avoid a quarrel. The Ancient Masters were always empty, but this emptiness was always whole. Yield and overcome and be forever full. And so, all things will come to you. SFH
  9. Hello, I was introduced to this site by another member. I was told that my Masters Dao De Jing was being discussed here, I did not really want to interfere as people were discussing their own take on what my master originally taught me, but I thought I would add some bits to help it go along now and again if it was wanted but not get too involved. I am a Daoist Holyman and my path has always been with the Dao. My Masters are Gods or Immortals and I have been taught by them for over 30 years. You can visit my site if you want to, to find out about myself and my masters and to download a free copy of the Dao De Jing. I have been a traditional and successful Wu Shu teacher, an archer and practiced traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as faced many challenges that life can throw at them. I have learnt through my masters that to face oneself is the greatest challenge that we all have and this can never be achieved without someone or circumstances challenging you. Making mistakes is the best way to learn and the only real way. There is never an easy way to true enlightenment. So I'm not going to say that I can contribute to anything else of differing paths, for I can only say what I have been taught from the Immortal Masters; this is my perspective. (Well you wouldn't expect the Pope to talk about Hinduism would you!) Flowing Hands
  10. Hi Tom just to give you some heads up on this chapter as I was taught it all those years ago. Li Erh is talking about the beginning of all things, how we can't really describe it etc. but if we are deeply aware of our hearts it can be found. It was there at the very beginning and when it is the end, it shall be there also. Knowing this we realise one thing but also another and so we must be deeply flexible, for here lies the path to true enlightenment. All the best FH
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