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  1. Thank you for being able to chat with you guys. And thanks for teaching me and connecting with me. I had the most wonderful meditation session during this chat. The heart opening felt awesome! You guys rock!!! I know I will learn a lot from you.
  2. Hi earthlove! Thank you and wishing you the same! I think thereĀ“s a tough road ahead for me. Raising kundalini makes me feel my blockages. Right now, after every spiritual high there comes a low, so I have to be careful.
  3. First of all, a big thank you to the creator of this site! Hello all! Especially this thread here and the thread "The role of ishtas" over at made me write this post. I know Jeff and Jonesboy from aypsite, daobums and dharmawheel. Jeff and Jonesboy, on dharmawheel and Thedaobums I always find it pretty impressive how nice and always friendly you react to the sometimes a bit aggressive "scholars" without a very open view there! This friendliness or compassion
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