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  1. I like the word "essence" and how Teal pronounces some letters "s" (also presence). I also like how she gives practical advice related to dealing with the pain self (closing eyes, naming thoughts). It's basically vipassana, but the tricky thing with vipassana is recognizing objects as they appear outside of meditation (IME).
  2. riju, what do you think about the Tower of Babel? Can it be just another description of the treasure tower from the lotus sutra?
  3. I'm doing vipassana (mahasi noting) in order to attain paths (Theravada tradition). Is insight meditation going to trigger kundalini at some point, if done diligently? Is kundalini rising necassary to experience nonduality / enlightement / liberation? It's frustrating to me that I don't (yet?) experience energy phenomena (except when in sleep). I've this thinking that I 'should' be experiencing it in the vipassana nana I'm in (dissolution / fear). How do I put my mind to rest with this issue?
  4. I don't have one. I'm getting glimpses of nonduality and receiving information that 'I am everything'. I wanted to check what is your definition of buddha/arhat/god to put my information in perhaps a broader context.
  5. I understand this existence is an expression of the infinite. I'm interested how is God different from Arhat or are they the same?
  6. riju, when you use words "buddha", "god", "arhat" - do you mean the same thing by them, or different things? If different, in what ways do these things differ?
  7. I get why body, thoughts, emotions and sensations are not me - they arise and pass. I don't understand why anatta applies to: - awareness itself, - conscious action / decision. Who is making the decision, if not me? Who is aware if not me?
  8. I'm looking for places where a guru can awaken my kundalini by shaktipat. Can anyone recommend an ashram, or any other place ?
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