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    TTC Chapter 10

    For me this is a reminder of the ultimate love. As a mother, i translate it as a mothers unconditional love. The daily work is something you do naturally and willingly hoping for the best for your child/family but without an agenda. Only difference here being to extend that love and selfless work to the world.
  2. To me, committing suicide would feel like a cop out and a delay of comeuppance, if that’s what you believe in. How about staying where you are and bringing more love/aid/enrichment to all or whomever you wronged previously instead?
  3. Tanya

    TTC Chapter 4

    Not the way I was entertaining the idea. Makes sense now . Thank you :)
  4. Tanya

    TTC Chapter 4

    Not adding so much asking... I always get a little stuck on... merging and becoming one with all and yet be able to differentiate even the smallest particle of dust. Wouldn’t merging with the all negate differentiations?
  5. Tanya

    TTC Chapter 3

    Also reminds me of Rumi.... “ I once had a thousand desires, but in my one desire to know you (God), all else melted away.”
  6. Tanya

    TTC Chapter 3

    When there is nothing to be done, nothing to fix, all will be well. If we stop desiring and/or recoiling from the world, what matters becomes stronger.
  7. I always share this link because the message is something I reference often. There have been many times that I’ve been moved to “fix” something and then remembered these words and have been moved right back into inaction. I’m not sure inaction is the answer, certainly not in every case, but I’m better about checking my motivations before I assume there is something to be done. Thought id share...
  8. Glad to have this topic brought up, Trish. I feel personally like I’ve been ping ponging back and forth between male and female the last few months, whereas I felt pretty consistently male previously. With the male side, had been feeling (mostly) serene detachment. Now more and more female, though I wouldn’t associate as bad or negative, I definitely have been feeling more confused and consumed with the the former. Though not easy feelings to associate with, I also feel more compassionate and related to everything. Certainly is heavier though, in my experience. But like birth and the newborn,
  9. I will be following this series! Thanks for your experience and insight Liz.
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