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  1. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 18

    Wait so liking ice cream or anything for that matter is attachment? Can't we just like something because its enjoyable or pleasing? If everything is considered attachment or "being caught up" then we might as well not do anything at all. All Beings throughout creation should just come to a stand still and do nothing, like nothing and create nothing.
  2. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 7

    hmm im not great with riddles.
  3. Haha Tom I really like this, made me giggle. It feels right. Thanks for this.
  4. I dont believe in judgements and punishments, those are all very human projections. I dont think humanity in its current state can grasp the infinite, not yet.
  5. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 5

    thank you for your explanation.
  6. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 5

    straw dogs? What is that?
  7. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 3

    I think that realization comes about by trying new things and living our lives the best we can. I don't feel desires are something to be dropped but perhaps viewed as points of interest on a map, a map of our Being.
  8. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 3

    Yes it's those desires that will lead the individual to realizing its not what they actually wanted. Some realize this early on and change course, others sadly not. Superficial desires can be...undesirable however they usually are rooted in traumas and hurt that we have experienced in life. When we clear away the baggage that's when we learn what we really want, what matters the most. I don't feel our core desires can be let go of and by "core" I am referring to our true motivations and aspirations for the Being we wish to be.
  9. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 3

    I don't feel any desires are "bad" or "good". We usually desire that which will aid in our expansion. Now if we move into the opposite direction or what we perceive as a "bad" desire, eventually we reach a point on that path so filled with despair and realize that particular desire was not what we wanted and then turn around, this time in the direction of a desire that is more in alignment with who we are. So it doesn't matter what road you take, you will get to where you want to go eventually. The one road is just longer and more bumpy. Just my thoughts on this
  10. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 3

    From what I have read, yes. Sure? What do you want to discuss?
  11. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 3

    Give credit where it is due. Everyone is excellent at something. If everyone learns what they are excellent at they will know their place, there will be no quarreling. Treasures don't make people want to steal. A mindset of lack can cause such behavior. Not knowing what you truly desire confuses the heart. If men lack knowledge and desire, then clever people are more easily able to rule over them. There are many clever people that don't have our best interests at heart. If nothing is done, there would be no
  12. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 1

    I feel that if a desire can be let go of without fulfillment then that individual was never in alignment with what they truly desired. If a person want's millions so they can have more things that translates to me as: "I wan't all these things to fill me up cause I feel empty" or "I could never get what I wanted so now I will surround myself with all these things" or "PLEASE NOTICE ME!". These are just a few of the many reasons people desire money. I feel desire has many layers. At the upper most layers we have the superficial desires or the ones that have been adopted from ot
  13. I think we are already helping out everyone and the Universe just by being here on this world and at this time, everything else we do is just a bonus.
  14. Ryan

    TTC Chapter 1

    You can't "unwant" what you desire. I think the goal is to move in the direction of what you desire and fulfill it and in doing so, release it. I don't think there are any Beings that don't desire. The primordial Being that made this universe did so to help stabilize newly emerging Beings (according to Jeff's insights). I feel it did so out of a desire to help. When we achieve our goals/desires I feel it creates expansion in us and the more we expand the greater understanding we have of what it is we truly desire. Then one day on one afternoon when we have done all that we hoped an
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