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  1. I literally feel that there is huge emotional blockage in my mind, due to which I am stuck. But realising & acknowledging the blockage itself is a first step towards its removal. I am meditating for whatever small time I find daily. I really wish someone could force light inside me and break all such barrier.
  2. Your views on these please : - Is whole universe a projection from our mind ? Does whatever we see or perceive, come from inside our mind ? - Is there any good or bad ? What is the way to decide if anything is bad ? or everything is fair ??? - Are we human top intellectual species or there are superior species like super human or angles above us ? If yes, where do they exist & do they meditate like us ? I read somewhere that only human form is superme & is capable of reaching the ultimate level of enlightenment. Even angels and demons wish to be in human form to get enlightened.
  3. This is so true and new prospective for me. Generally we hide behind spirituality and ignore the happening around and inside us. Rather than we should face, feel & acknowledge all the energies flowing inside us and let it go without any reaction. Please correct me if I took wrong. Thank You by the way.
  4. No wisdom here, just answers. 1. There is no bigger purpose to life or anything else for that matter, it just 'is'. Life by its very nature has a reinforcing nature that makes it 'try' to continue (survive) or reproduce. Note that this does not apply to every living thing, but enough for there to be quantities of life. There is no bigger purpose/meaning to that, just the way it is. 2. Karma is purely optional. I opted out and feel unqualified to answer further. 3. As per question 1. there is no purpose. It just 'is'. 4. I don't know what you mean by spiritually. But in general, one can travel
  5. Thank you Mahasweta. Yes, this is a lot to digest ... I try always not to react... but there are certain moments when you get carried away in emotions and there goes all wisdom... Mind is the most clever entity created on this universe.... it gets you hooked into its ever going drama. It requires lots of practice to keep away from such drama...
  6. A big hello to all advanced souls here... I would love to know your views on these questions : 1. Is there any purpose of life ? If yes, how to know it ? 2. We all take birth in different circumstances. Some are poor, some with golden spoon, some are ill, some are very healthy. Does this prove the Karma theory & subsequently rebirth theory ? 3. What is the purpose of whole billion years distance of universe when there is only dust & gas there ? 4. Is it possible to travel through time back and forth spiritually ? 5. Do we soul have any separate identification ? I read somewhere that w
  7. Thank you everyone for warm welcome. Hope to benefit spiritually from you all...
  8. Hey All, Greetings from India. I am brought to here by Mr. Jeff. I know him through other sites and he had ever since guiding me for anything. I am a novice on spiritual land. You can label me as a seeker. So, I wont have much to contribute to spiritual wisdom here. Currently I am searching for My real self if I exist.... I want to know the purpose of my existence (If I exist). As per great philosopher Alan Watts, deep down when you search for yourself, the "I"... you will find that, that "I" is mere a thought and there is a nothing but a vacuum. You do not exist. What are your views on this ?
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