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  1. As I mentioned above, the last couple years have been rather profound and transformative for me. I was discussing with Jeff via PM this morning a dream which I had last night. That dream is not the point of this post but was the segue into another dream-related tale. After sharing it with Jeff, he asked if I would be willing to share it with the LU community, so I am. Take it for what it is worth...
  2. Forgive me, Jolanda -- the mention was in another forum (not the Living Unbound Community) in a thread in which a member was asking for guidance on interacting with trees. I posted in that thread on another forum (The Tao Bums, specifically) and the very next thing I read was your thread here. You talking about trees really jumped out at me. Thank you for this. The timing of your influence is quite remarkable.
  3. Thank you, Jolanda! These verses, in particular, keep ringing for me right now: "To return to the root is to find the meaning, but to pursue appearances is to miss the source." and "To seek Mind with the discriminating mind is the greatest of all mistakes."
  4. Thank you for this thread, Jolanda! Curiously, I opened this thread just moments after posting in another forum about interacting with trees so your post about the juniper was particularly resonant for me today. Synchronicities increase as my frequency rises. _/\_
  5. Just realized this sub-forum was here so I'll repost my initial post in this other thread ( here:
  6. Poof!!! It's like magic.
  7. I'm not counting, it tells me with each post.
  8. No, it is 20 -- I still have 13 to go (12 after this one...)
  9. Thank you, running! As time permits, I'll use this thread to continue sharing of myself.
  10. I am a recovering physicist, although I have always preferred the term "natural philosopher." An undergraduate in applied physics, a subsequent MBA, a career in information technology and IT management, I used to be fairly materialistic (philosophically rather than behaviorally) despite being accepting of several personal "paranormal" experiences during my life. In the last few years, however -- since my first meeting with Michael Lomax, in fact -- I have been on an energetic adventure and I am working to bring myself into balance, to deemphasize the cerebral and strengthen my atrophied int
  11. A delightfully resonant thread for me. Thank you.
  12. My energetic practice for the last few years has been Michael Lomax's Stillness-Movement system. It is likely most here have some passing familiarity with it from elsewhere on the web but its presentation there, in my opinion, tends to be simplistic and superficial. I have found it to be a powerful lineage-based and light-focused system which aims to develop healers across the planet. I have written about some of my personal healing experiences "over there" but will probably share some of them here over time as well. If this proves to be the invitational place I hope it to be, I may share
  13. Thank you, Jeff! It is truly my pleasure to have been invited to the party.
  14. My mother named me Brian 51 years ago and, until a better name comes along, I'll continue to use it. Many of you will recognize me from TDB (somehow, TTB seemed to fit better but no one asked me...) A mutual friend suggested I might find this forum of interest and after a brief perusal, that is indeed the case! So, I joined. More to come as I work towards the 20 posts needed to lift my moderated restriction...
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