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  1. Hi Jeff I would like to go more in detail on this topic. Could you expand little more in detail what that means pls?
  2. I would like to know more about Emptiness...What is it in a spiritual way or could you give an example of emptiness in a spiritual way? Thanks Jeff
  3. Hi Jessica Welcome, hope you will have a great time here!!
  4. Welcome Necro Happy you joined us.
  5. Thanks guy's it does clear up some stuff. Tom, i see what your saying and it is a bit confusing to me. To me The Father also means that "The Father" is also a sort of creator that created us all and all that Jesus is one with, like you say. It also tells me that Jesus thinks The Father is an conscious, intellectual being, is the highest energy/light source and Jesus has a relationship with almost like a father would to us. Are we gods, i believe that it is very possible but like i see it now is: That we can be Gods and that we live inside The father, the ultimate being and that's why
  6. Thanks running What you say makes sense, it's just hasn't happen for me yet (oneness). I guess it comes with experience and if God is one with you, you will be one with God. Just to call our self's God is very confusing to me and that's the part i did not get but as typing this message it hit me. If we are one with God, then we are God. Some thing to look forward too.
  7. Hi Tom Could you explain what these questions means: 1. the Father is in me and I am in the Father? PLEASE explain how it possible for him to be in the father? and also explain this: 2. I and the Father are one.” plz? 3.Final question ARE WE GODS REALLY?? IF NOT WHAT DOES IT MEAN and why people say so?? How can the Buddha call him self God? Is he right, are we all really God... or like God
  8. Hi RedFall Welcome, hope to see you around.
  9. anthony


    Wow very nice. Was it black or blue kyanite? Was cleaning out my draws the other night and would you know i found my blue kyanite. What's the book you have again Earthlove? My book is just a basic book on what properties some crystals have. Thanks
  10. Thanks Mahasweta You right it's a habit of saying before i really even think what the answer to the question is. I also thought that maybe i should take a sec or two and then answer. Going to be difficult at first to learn to take that sec but it will just become easier with practice. Good advice thank you.
  11. So true Karen i guess it's okay but tough for me. Like you say if it hurt me in the long run it should be best to tell the truth. Thank you More love
  12. Thanks for all your replies. I have heard the saying be yourself allot when i was younger but did not understand what it meant until this year. Me saying the whiskey was nice when its not, is me not being myself and tbh i don't like it at all. I want to be myself!!! Something to work on in the future. Earthlove you right i should of said no i don't like whiskey in the first place and there would be no problems. Will def research assertiveness thank you. Have tried turquoise maybe give it a go again. Also when doing the Presence process, i thought i would have more fear stuff coming up but a
  13. I feel/noticed that i am having problems with my throat chakra/communication and i can see why. When we go to dinner at my family and when we finish i always say thank you for the food it was delicious which it was, then i got told but you never tell the truth cause i always say that. I just cant see someone saying thank you your food was horrible or maybe its just me and see why i could have throat chakra issues. Like last night, my cousins wife wanted me to taste this special whiskey and said its good huh and i just reacted without thinking and said: yes i liked it but i hated it as i don't
  14. Hey Earthlove Check the time you posted 11:11 not sure who's sign that is
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