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  1. Jolanda

    TTC Chapter 4

    Thank you, great to contemplate on - Being an empty vessel ... Tao is seen here as a source, as the forefather, of the gods... I would see it more as the essence which made it possible that all things and everything / no-thing could sprout from... at the other hand Tao is 'me', but when one is not filled with ego, it is beyond mind thinking of 'me'... it is not the ignorant state, because one sees: sharpness will be soft, difficulties easy, darkness light, and turbidity clear...
  2. Jolanda

    TTC Chapter 1

    I thought: 'No thoughts"... when having no thoughts one sees the manifestations, but what then is the meaning of 'ever desiring'... maybe when as long as we have the desire ... we will see the manifestations....
  3. Jolanda

    Not Two Dragons

    I am sorry I have not opened the button to receive replies... I will do from now on ... Rene: Oh well! :-) For me Daoism is philosophical, but with a very deep religious aspect: meaning the Daoist religion may be practiced and studied, giving structure and ritual, and I like to know about it, but for Western people it is [more or less] strange to believe in Chinese gods... leaving out if one believes in God(s) or not, while studying / practicing Not Two, it will be clear there is only One - (but by that nothing is left out, even nothing is not left out), so how can it
  4. Jolanda

    Not Two Dragons

    Hi all who read this, I have the wish to study the Scripture 'Not Two' together with other people. And I made a facebookgroup Not Two Dragons for this, together with Heath Thompson, who is not in for study, and who makes beautiful Daoist poets... and together we agreed that one doesn't need to study or practice, that one can experience simplicity and stillness by accepting.. (so we made also a facebookgroup for people who like to have such a place to remember 'it'...) The Scripture is helping though, and studying it gives good vibes, to come to this realisation.
  5. And, as my teacher told me, that what appears in the dream is you! you are the one who is petting and the one being petted... Lovely dream!
  6. Thank you Running, It went great, really at ease. The woman asked me before what I do for guidance, and I told her, it was up to her. When she wants to meditate, she can ask me to give the structure she wants. When she wants to be alone, I leave her alone. If she wants me around, I'll be around. If she wants teachings, I give her teachings. If she wants to talk, we'll talk. If she wants silence (this was a serious point, because of the noises from the railway and highway), I just accepted that she was very sensitive. Then there are points where something is asked for, to a
  7. I have a little summerhouse - cottage - chalet, very little, lying in a area for recreation, with a 150 houses on it, a lake with some summeractivity. There is a big railroad and a highway not far from it. Behind this cottage I have my little little caravan. Being there it is un believeble how quiet it is. But because of the money I have to sell it. So me and my friend were being busy cleaning house and garden, a whole weekend, even had some hot discussion... not very quiet anymore. But we managed to keep in speaking terms, and even came together afterwards in the center. When
  8. In the School I learned about the seven Chakra's, their meaning, their blockages etc. Even ordered some cd's for clearing the chakra's. Then I read there are many more Chakra's, 24 or so, in the body and beyond, in the aura. Then I forgot about them totally... just to much to learn, wanting to unlearn... Now, here, the Chakra's 'arise' again... and I came across the book, The Chakra Book' of Osho... just now looking inside on amazone , want to share some here: I think knowledge is coming to us as experience, as said, all at the right time, there is no other time
  9. Jeff, Great, please, it is good when you do that. I will read Jolanda
  10. You are Welcome! Brian, where did you tell about the interaction with trees? I cannot find it. Jeff, there is indeed another work of him, it is about meditation, having seven steps. It is about this Nei Jing/Gong, inner alchemy. So I will add it too here, when time is right, or when someone really wants to read it now already... Brian, I love to contemplate on the lines, they are guidelines in duality. And indeed some lines will ring, some will trigger. Keep these in mind! Transmission will follow. First lines: The Great Way is not difficult for those who
  11. Here attached the text of Not Two, Sima Chengzhen born 647—died 735, sixth patriarch of the Shangqing School of Daoism and also mentioned somewhere as third patriarch of Chanbuddhism. There is the vision that is been transmitted by recitation of the scripture. He is especially famous for blending Daoist, Confucian, and Buddhist methods of mental cultivation. Generally he recommended religious methods that emphasized “inner alchemy” (neiyan) over the external practices and drugs of “outer alchemy” (waiyan). In here the vision of Not Two, that will be transmitted by ongoing re
  12. I want, It reminds me of Zhuang Zi, talking about 'double walk'.
  13. Thank you for sharing, Jeff, I am in to reading these scriptures. There is a simultaneous message in the Scripture of Not Two, which I will try to share today in open book.
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