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    TTC Chapter 1

    It's an amazing verse and give rise to the common phrase, "manifest and mystery" regarding Dao. I think it may be as close as any verse to suggest, Form = Void.
  2. Holy makerel batman... I feel like I passed through a portal
  3. I get your point... I'm not up on Kindle pricing and how popular that even is... so I was thinking it more like a teaser to that platform.
  4. Nice to see... but IMO, you should of done Kindle at $0.99 or $1.99... Even gas stations make pennies on the dollar successfully. Not that it is about money but business is business.
  5. I think there is something beyond time and space but not sure what to really call it. It is more in a dormant potential state. And not sure if that is simply a condensed state that reverted from an expanded one or not (big crunch <> big bang). If this is unlimited then I would say energy is unlimited. I see energy as requiring some container, whether form or formless. I'm often careful (or try to be) about how I rationalize Dao to avoid suggestions that it is a thing. I tend to see Dao as more conceptual of 'how things work', even from the formless to formless , or non-
  6. I would think it is only limited if space-mass is limited. Or you have a different idea going ?
  7. Yes, some of the labeling steps on each others toes... 'De' for example is said to "nurture or nourish" ... yet the support doesn't stop there... Those last two words are Xuan De (Mystery De. I've mentioned before I prefer 'primordial' for Xuan and here F&E translate that way. Feng & English All things arise from Tao. They are nourished by Virtue. They are formed from matter. They are shaped by environment. Thus the ten thousand things all respect Tao and honor Virtue. Respect of Tao and honor of Virtue are not demanded, But they are in
  8. ZZ is certainly interesting to read and comparing him to LZ reminds me of the Zen 3 stages of mountains... like ZZ talks from stage 2 (not this and not that--more of a Not-Two view of Oneness ) and LZ talks from stage 3 (This and that - more like Two comes from One). not sure this is fair but if someone wants to better understand Oneness in LZ then ZZ helps. If someone wants to better Twoness in ZZ then LZ helps. I think ZZ is closer to Yang Zhu who some have called an egoist but I think naturalist is better. According to Seigen Ishin (Ch'ing-y√ľan
  9. Yea, we need MH for this for sure the 'mother' aspect in the DDJ seems suggestive of Dao as the source of all things (ie: mother -- ch. 1, 25, 52). This is slightly problematic to talk of Dao as a thing... so likely it is more a metaphor of the creativity that we say occurred: Being from Non-Being (Ch. 40)... or that the 'Being' aspect is 'mothering' in that "the myriad things of the world are born of being" (ch.40). This begins to sound more like mother is the creative One more than the nameless, formless Dao black box idea. And maybe it is better to say Mother is
  10. I used to teach soccer and taught about ripples in a pond... that the first ripple was really all the ripples, despite we see many of them. My assistance coach said, 'you teach such zen in soccer'... I asked him, 'what is zen'? I really had no idea at that time. That comment has rippled in research as to what he meant and has brought me even here Sometimes I think emptiness is this way. The first ripple, yet it is all the ripples but they have grown and spread out... ten thousand ways. But the origin is yet within it all... but we tend to have no idea of it. I can
  11. Such a mis-mash of ideas... some I agree with and some I don't. Here it says, "One is Tao". I wrote elsewhere, Tao is not One. Some of it makes sense but in general, Tao sounds like a 'thing'... I would disagree with that too.
  12. Just to clarify: The Canon of Reason and Virtue (Lao-tze's Tao Teh King) Chinese and English Translated by D.T. Suzuki & Paul Carus [1913]
  13. I lean towards emptiness. Dao is nameless (except in the realm of names) which would be, empty of a name.
  14. But the irony of that thinking is that at Bums, it was closed to public viewing so you had to be logged in... and had every chance to just stay out. And yet, folks blamed this hidden area for 'spilling' over into the forum. When pressed, the few people who made that claim could never back it up... so maybe emotional transference was speaking We even made a new stream that would bypass the Off-Grid from showing up in the 'unread content'. You can only do so much but folks can still claim whatever they will.
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