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  1. everybody has an idea of how they want the world to be. everybody has an idea of how they want people around them to be. everybody has an idea of how God is on their side. may i suggest that this self rightiousness is about control? may i suggest control is the contributing factor of conflict? may i suggest bliss is liberty? the nature of bliss is joy. everybody is searching for their happiness. usually by ways of CONFLICT. im not suggesting from my view to not. im suggesting that if everbody acknolwedged that history rhymes, and took it upon themselves to spend some time going towards the source. the source being bliss. opening themselved up to their own source of joy. bliss is experienced as a joyful feeling all over the body and in the mind by ones own nervous system. not by synthetic means such as drugs and alcohol. but by opening up to spirit where she as in shakti activates the nervous system naturally expresssing herself as joy. in the beginning one may get glimpses of the experience. here and there. over time it could go beyond that. where one becomes a living of experince with the divine aspect of bliss. for eons people have used techniques to open up to it. such as meditation. yoga. pranayama. trance. sound. and many more. it in my view is a test and tune thing. locating what works for the individual to open up to its grace. good luck to those whom give it a shot one day!
  2. for me it seems there becomes less and less discrimination from an energy perspective. for example it may have before felt like turbulance of thoughts and emotions when around particular things. later in the process it becomes less and less. the same can be about oneself. earlier in the process ones own beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, emotions can be like turbulance. later none of the above not as much. the teaching from the energy is in complete acceptance from that energetic component. naturally you become from the minds perspective more tollerant to what is. because the energrtic component is completely tolerant at that higher level. she is the teacher. one can look at like a new freedom of more self acceptance. and or used as acceptance of others. that i believe is the function of the nondual energetic component. the truth of it all could very well just be that everything really is a dream and we are all just actors in the cosmos. there is a freedom in that. but a lot lost. cause there is so much death to the ego to realise it was all a game we played upon ourselves.
  3. continued went for a run when i was near kingman on some dirt roads. everywhere was quartz here and there. i think thats also where the power is coming from. tons of quartz in the earth. brought a few rocks home and my girlfriend picked up on it to. lot of power in those rocks to the both of us.
  4. not the best of pictures. havent been here in forever it seems. which inspired me to continue this thread. Mississippi. land of trees. feels sorta a gentle power. not here much so i cant say for sure.
  5. Arizona has a lot of power. I especially like it just east of kingman. Whenever there is some red in the earth it seems to have an extra kick to it. this is defenetely one of my favorite spots overall.
  6. the further you go the subtler the energies get. old message remembered.
  7. waking up this morning in deming new mexico was wonderful! i dont have the words to describe the energetic component there that drives one deeper into the divine. wish i did.
  8. welcome! and thanx for sharing ur story!
  9. you cant judge a book by its cover. old message just remembered.
  10. California Lake Naciemento. 96% full.
  11. back again to big falls and a gorgeous lake.
  12. as a vet thank you for all the kind words, support, respect, and love you have shown for us. from campaign to this day.
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