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  1. Last above post was in May 2019. My waking DREAM was in March 2016. And I had returned back from near death and was suffering from many serious diseases. As per the DREAM , I have continuously improved in health. There is also improvement in my life style. I now regularly play golf and swim and play billiards and attend the club. My financial position has also progressed. Level of peace inside and in surroundings has increased. Quality of servants, friends and relatives and the relationships have improved. My meditation has also tremendously improved There is no
  2. Finally .... There is going to be only one Kalki on this plane. And he has to do an enormous job. It does not seem that he can do this in one birth. He may have to plan to die and take rebirth in a younger and healthier body. As I assume that I am that Kalki and am already old. Surprisingly each day since last one year I have been getting healthier and feeling younger. At the end of 80 years of this life I have learnt to use the circulation system of Lotus sutra only from last one year. Now I am capable of digesting a few drop of water from the sea of cosmic energy . My capacity ha
  3. Nirmala Mata contact is still going strong even after one week. Earlier Christ and Krishna process could not go beyond 2 to 3 days.
  4. When I follow the Kalki process in meditation, I used to get a lot of personal benefits from the Cosmic energies that I was purifying and storing. Initially I had unconscious deep desires for more wealth, personal luxuries and all important health. Almost all these desires are fulfilled. Now I use the stored Cosmic energies for speeding the process of Kalkihood . Contact with the saint Nirmala Mata was one such effort. Earlier I had a limited success with Christ and Krishna. Today I have the feeling that there is a progress and my existence is very useful and necessa
  5. I have been studying the life of saint Nirmala Mata (1823-2011). She has been following the same method (Kalki method) on living human beings, She had lakhs of devotees who benefited immensely during her life time and even later.' My finding is that her awareness range was much less than that of Guatam Buddha and that brought out limitations. My awareness goes beyond Guatam Buddha and hence I shall carry out the process of Kalkiness to the extent , where whole earth population is covered, (confirmed also by DREAM}. I have been working on sentients and spirits (the roots of living hu
  6. surviving and improving. Seems process of Kalkiness has been expanding. Progress in all positive factors in surroundings and in self continue.
  7. It is almost impossible for any one to believe that I am Kalki and have gone beyond Buddhas. I am out to clean this earth and 26th plane of evilness. I do not require any help. Nor can anyone help me in this process. There is also no need for teaching this process. This is a process of action as well as blessings. 1. I have been in action since 1992 and sincerely. 2. I had the blessings of EMPTINESS. This Emptiness is beyond that of Guatam Buddha. The Emptiness of Buddha was a certain sort of fullness compared to my Emptiness. My Emptiness is nearer to ABSOLUTE GOD com
  8. It is very nice to see and feel that health and personal peace and prosperity is improving. But Kalki's role has to be at world level also. How much time will it require to see the changes at world level? Will it be in next 10 years ? I really do not know? Till then suspense remains;
  9. This 82 year old body has become very important for Kalki process to move forward for the benefit of whole humanity on earth. And if this body cannot cope with the requirement, then it should be changed without losing any time for rebirth. As I observe with time........I find that this body is coping with the requirement. Everyday after the DREAM (almost 2 years back) its health is improving. More and more cosmic veins in the body are clearing and opening. As a result the body is becoming young or agile. I now walk straight without any pains in the movement. The bones are becoming ductile
  10. In april 1952 , my body was selected by a STAR soul and taken over. And from there the process of Kalki started. I think I am by now fully dissolved in Kalki. As a first step my memory and logic improved and I became a brilliant student from an average student. This helped me to earn scholarships to study and become a successful multi engineer. Earning also became easy both in jobs and in my industry business. Later on , I grew restless at the age of 50 (1987) and decided to find out purpose of my life. I winded up my life , handed all my assets to my eldest son in 1992 and wen
  11. I see many signs (as many as 40 of them) in my earlier present life ) that indicate that I should be a Kalki. Final confirmation will come only if I am able to leave this present body consciously into next selected body. Meanwhile since my DREAM, I have been growing healthier day by day and at present my inner work of cleaning evilness is going on at full capacity of mine.
  12. Two more months have passed since the above conversation. I feel hesitant to express myself and yet there is a need to record my thoughts somewhere in this earth universe. As the days pass, i feel that I am the KALKI AVATAR. And I am the only ONE in this line. I had planned out this life of mine and have followed it. And my life of millions of years is also planned by me and I am going to follow the same. I am the one who has sowed the seed of mahaparlay. I am the one who will reap the fruits of WISDOM from the experiences of whole Yuga of billions of years in the form o
  13. Jesus followed the line of compassion (taking suffering of others on himself) .As he never told about lotus sutra , and hence I sssume he is one of the great Bhoddisatvas . There are many bhoddisattvas who do not know lotus sutra and hence they could not have the benefit of recirculation. Jesus Himself said that He is son of God (some higher power but less than the ultimate God). I feel that many Kalkis are in operation now and hence the change for better. Most of the kalki need not show up as, they are fully capable in themselves. Their tool is their body. Kalkis improve the enviorment
  14. The difference between Krishna and Kalki is enormous. Krishna had 16 Kalas (skills. siddhis). One of the most powerful kala was SUDHARSHAN CHAKRA. He had acquired Sudharshan chakra from Gods due to his tapasya (effort) in previous births.With this chakra, he could block the mind of an enemy and destroy the enemy. This chakra was nothing but reserve of cosmic power. By using this chakra Krishna was reducing the reserve of cosmic power in him and hence he used this skill RARELY. Instead by using this chakra he had created a fear in the minds of his enemies. This fear reduced the power
  15. 7th avatar Rama destroyed evilness in Ravana by killing his body with bow and arrow . Because Rama had evolved to the extent where he could kill a person from a distance . 8th avatar Krishna could destroy evilness in Kansa and Kauravas also by killing their bodies. Because he had highly developed intellect . logic and Wisdom and part internal meditation Wisdom (he possessed 16 kalas, and hence he tells in GIta that mind is superior to body and praises YOGIS). 9th Avatar Guatam Buddha brought down the wisdom of LOTUS SUTRA and the TREASURE TOWER ( a source from which limitless cos
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