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  1. Admin Notice This is the Welcome thread. I have hide posts that had information of a sensitive nature about a member without his/her permission. This is not a thread to attack members or a group of members. It is to welcome people.
  2. Tom

    TTC Chapter 19

    19 Give up Sainthood, stop preaching. Let people follow the Dao, and it will be a hundred times better for everyone. If people are at one, there is no need for religion or morality? Give up ingenuity, don't look for profit and bandits and thieves will disappear. It is more important to follow the ways of Nature; to observe its order and workings, to see the simplicity, to realise one's true nature, to cast off selfishness and dispel desire. For here lies the way of Dao. Any thoughts?
  3. Tom

    TTC Chapter 18

    Here is Jeff's take. When the true Dao is lost/forgotten, then people become caught up in attachment. Such attachment leads to fear of loss and aversion. When everyone gets caught up in this, it becomes hard to trust, and without simple trust, the Dao becomes even more hidden. The road back to the Dao is found with quieting the mind and just doing what needs to be done. (Letting go of all those attachments. In the mind). *Attachments are desires wrapped in energetic connections. Loving ice cream or addicted to smoking are examples. On cannot be attache
  4. Tom

    TTC Chapter 18

    Here is my take. The bolded is the key part. When the Dao is forgotten discrimination arises. When you are at one with the Dao all the the personal and social issues go away.
  5. Tom

    TTC Chapter 18

    18 When the great Dao is forgotten, human kindness and morals arise. When clever people employ their schemes, the great perversion begins. When the family have forgotten the natural order, filial piety and devotion arises. When the country is in chaos, loyal ministers always appear. Set things in order, be at one with the Dao. For when people are at one, there is no need for such things. Any thoughts?
  6. Tom

    TTC Chapter 17

    Here is my take. About being realized. Attachments to both pleasure and issues and fears. Men/women are caught up in "things" When one is not so caught up in wants and desires their heart is open. Such a one can think of others and be trusted compared to those with a closed heart who can only think about themselves. No need to take credit or to promote what you have done. Share it and promote others rather than yourself.
  7. Tom

    TTC Chapter 16

    The path to realization.
  8. Tom

    TTC Chapter 17

    17 The greatest things in life are rarely realized or known by Men. But Men always know the things they love and treasure, and that which is feared and despised. Having a simple heart one knows how to trust openly. Those who do not trust openly, can never be trusted to have a good heart. When deeds are performed with few words, people can say "we've done it". Any thoughts?
  9. Tom

    TTC Chapter 16

    16 Empty the mind of everything, let it reside in peace. Being at peace you can watch the Ten Thousand Things rise and fall. They follow their natural path and eventually return to the source of all things. This is the way of Nature. Returning to the source is stillness, for Nature is unchanging. Knowing this constancy is having insight into all things. Not knowing this leads to disaster. Knowing the source, the mind is open. When the mind is open the heart will be open too. Being open hearted, you can act naturally. Acting naturally, you will be at one with the Dao. Being a
  10. Tom

    TTC Chapter 15

    Here is Jeff's take. The old masters knew what they were deeply connected to the Dao. The depth of there knowledge and connection was beyond what is noticeable by others. Because of this, all we can do is watch and pay attention to their actions. Watch with total focus and be completely alert. Watch without getting caught up with your own attachments and prejudices. Simply be open (sort of like full body listening). Letting the activity (mud) of the mind settle quietly. Realizing the Tao is not a goal to reach, not a desire to fulfill, it i
  11. Tom

    TTC Chapter 15

    I would agree. To me this is a key point.
  12. Tom

    TTC Chapter 15

    15 The Ancient Master’s were subtle, mysterious, profound and alert. The depth of their knowledge was unfathomable. Likened to the Dao, they were at one. Being at one, all we can do is observe their appearance. Watchful, like men fishing in a stream. Alert, like men aware of the tiger. Courteous, like visiting guests. Yielding, like a blade of grass. Simple, like uncarved blocks of wood. Empty, like vessels. Opaque, like muddy pools. Lying still and waiting quietly, who can wait for the mud to settle? Who can wait for the mystery to be revealed? Do
  13. Tom

    TTC Chapter 14

    Here is Jeff's take. 14 Look, it can never be seen, for it has no form. Listen, it can never be heard, it is beyond sound. Grasp, it can never be held, it is intangible. Although it can never be seen, heard or held, its spirit is always there. For it is formed from nothing and so returns to nothing. It is beyond description, But it is the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things. It has no beginning and no end, but it is great. Stay with this (in your heart) the ancient Dao, but move with the present. Knowing the Dao is the ancient beginning of all things.
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