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    Enlightenment, Liberation, the connection of phases of consciousness to optimal activity; beneficial creativity; enlightenment from a scientific perspective; Bitcoin, blockchain, charity, startups, politics, global affairs, good books, and a whole lot else.

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  1. Doug

    My take on Laozi's Te

    I like this, too. Wholeness is inherent. Lack of wholeness is misperception. And so, "te", I would say, is the active, empowered principle of Tao - the way of restoring awareness of original wholeness (aka integrity), wherein living integrity, actively, is fully natural, and thus effortless. Again, I find the ocean (as a metaphor for awareness-consciousness-energy-actions) analogy useful: When waves conceive of themselves as separate from one another, and from the ocean - chaos ensues. When a given wave opens to its own true nature as wholeness (the ocean, in this analog
  2. More "welcome and encouraged" - but we can go with "okay", if you like. Seems like people are already enjoying it - thanks for starting it!
  3. We'll all work together to make sure that doesn't happen. The good news is: it seems like everyone here is sincerely in sync with that intention.
  4. Indeed! (Good Job!) There's actually a fair amount of philosophical depth with much of the structure and phrasing of Living Unbound, including that term, itself. It originally came to me close to twenty years ago, and at times, I've opened to whether or not there might be a different or better phrase or name - and to date: nope. In opening past the bondage of human conditioning, becoming familiar with that which is unbound - inherently ever-liberated - is key - but then so is on-the-ground living - especially as creative expression of our true nature, which is inherently ever-liberated (a
  5. Thanks, Patrick - agreed! And that does seem to be the general trajectory, which is understandable, as I said above.
  6. Hi Tom & All, These shifts are interesting, and seemingly more personally driven, than driven by any collective ideology. It's important to remember that we're all individuals. I tend to be a bit leftward-oriented myself - which is my own expression of sense of compassion for all. And some long-term forum members here think like I do, and some think quite differently (more rightward-oriented), as, seemingly, do some of our newest members. And that's all perfectly fine. No one will ever be unwelcome here because of political orientation. And, for what it's worth - I'd be far
  7. Agreed. And thanks for that, Karen. We do have some limits here - and they pretty much all fall into the category of personal attacks or general trash talking. That's not because we're against anything - including being against things - but just because such posts and threads can easily become a distraction from the general focus on living unbound via optimizing consciousness that we do our best to maintain here. And so, as a request to everyone - please keep that in mind. We'll give everyone as much or more latitude than any other online discussion forum this side of Reddit or 4Chan -
  8. Sure, here goes. Though as I saw someone mention earlier (I was kind of skimming) - I think notifications appear here on the forum right away, but email might be batched for once a day.
  9. I'll check on that, and let you know. I do know that new members are required to post ten posts before moderation is lifted - which simply helps to weed out spam and other ill-intentioned content. I don't think the notifications are tied to that, but will check. Also, just FYI to all, this forum uses Invision Community Suite software - and per my somewhat limited time availability at times, if anyone wants to search around for possible answers to questions like this, and then post a link to the instructions for the fix - I can usually implement the fix, quickly (it's the "finding out
  10. This seems like a pertinent idea for a separate topic. I see it as a matter of egoic identification (the "above all else" fanaticism). When one's political or religious affiliations "feel like me" - people with that experience relate to those concepts as if they were literally part of oneself. They end up confusing their own emotional reactions with the way reality actually is - hence all the trouble. In my experience, only a minority of people are that fanatical, whether from a political, religious, nationalistic, or any other concept-derived perspective - but they make most of the noise,
  11. You're very welcome, Patrick. And you're not seen as either trouble makers or victims - but just as people with a familiar experience who might prefer this forum for online discussions. And you're all also a very welcome addition to the LU community - it will be good to have some fresh conversation, here!
  12. Hi All, I'm fairly sure I won't get a chance to welcome everyone individually - and thanks to those who have done so. I just wanted to offer a sincere and global welcome to everyone who has joined this forum recently. I hope you enjoy it, and I certainly invite you get in touch with any questions, comments, etc. I'm not that active here much of the time, but Jeff, Tom and some of the other long-standing members can give me a head's up if I don't respond quickly. And I'd also like to say that I sympathize with what some of you have experienced at another forum - some of us have ha
  13. Hi Tom, Actually this forum dates back to the launch of the website - or just after, and so, 2010 or so. I don't recall the four teachers approach per se - but that doesn't mean it wasn't discussed. As I like to say - "my memory isn't getting worse - my presence is getting better!" Any teaching (I'll let the teacher(s) in question comment as they care to do so) - was not offered by Shweta and myself, but by others who joined the forum a bit later - which was fine, and quite welcome. And it's all good - I just wanted to mention that this forum has actually been around a bit longer t
  14. Hi Faxin, Welcome - and glad to hear you feel that way.
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