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  1. Welcome Shanmugam!!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
  2. This is Perfect!!!! The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
  3. Welcome to the LU forums, Bhairavi!!! Love this!!!
  4. Welcome to the LU forums Alicia. :-) And hang in there, the full moon (along with the Eclipse) is almost over... Things will calm down from tomorrow and you can be your awesome self again. Big Hug.
  5. Very impressive Riju!!! Thank you for sharing that! I love getting input from others on how a painting of mine speaks to them... Much appreciated... _/\_
  6. Hi All, Here are some pictures from my first Art Showing the past weekend. I think it went off well. Some of you knew about the showing and I really appreciate all the love and blessings sent my way. Much gratitude!!!
  7. Thank you Riju!!! Can you elaborate on the statement of yours I quoted above.... I would love some more of your insight on that
  8. That was really sweet Karen!!! The stillness (there is only one) speaks to all of us and through us... no wonder we are all in sync... picking on each others's opening, be it through insights, experiences, words, art, blessings... Thank you for sharing this Karen!
  9. These were the paintings I was working overtime to get done... Unification Heart Gaze (yes, the peacock feather is real... so yeah it's perfect ) Galactic
  10. All of you are so kind!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Sorry I am so late in replying... have been working overtime on finishing a few of my paintings... have my first art showing this Saturday... please send me lots of love and blessings and good wishes... can use it. Earthlove, I generally don't like to lead people to seeing my paintings as I see them, rather like them to find their own meaning in every painting... however I will say, in this painting there is a male face (Shiva), not very obvious of course.. like my daughter said, she d
  11. Thanks Chas!!!! Gosh, it's been a while since we last spoke. Hope all is well. Thank you Jeff. Much love to both of you.
  12. This morning a friend of mine shared this picture on a WhatsApp group... along with this message: “This photo of Omkareshwar Mahadev is taken with night vision camera. After the evening aarthi the deity is kept inside the sanctum sanctorum along with the dice play board and closed... wherein Shiva and Paarvathi come in the form of serpents and play dice... this is a rare view which u may forward to all and get the blessings of the Lord...“ I had never heard of this Shiva temple or about the snakes or the dice. This morning I read up about this temple. Omkareshwar (Maldivia
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