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  2. Agreed, the conscious decision to let go is important. We may be aware something causes us suffering, yet a part of us still clings to it. Addictions work in this way. One has to want it to end.
  3. I agree, FaXin about what you are saying. Maybe also known as residing? It is important. But for someone who has struggled consciously about wanting to let go... Not wanting to do it, fighting against it in almost literal sense. Accepting that letting go is the only way through and fighting it leads to getting caught up and suffering. For me it is important to have the conscious thought that letting go is the path. Also, i've had several occasions where i have thought "ok. I¨'ll just let go of this" and it is gone. Residing is important, but I am not too goo
  4. I think simply being aware of the desires or attachments goes a long way to letting them go. Tibetan Buddhists talk about self - liberation… meaning when one is in a state of clarity, desires arise and fall away of their own accord. In Hinduism, Shiva and Kali are the destroyers of attachments. in Christianity, a common practice is to trust in God or Jesus for our issues. Mary Burmeister, the teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu, said Not to focus on disharmony, but rather Be the Harmony. Letting go of the “fix it” mentality. In all these traditions,
  5. I agree about going through them, it is not about abandoning somethin, or prettending our desires dont exist, but accepting the idea that they areattachments and something that you can let go of. Wanting to let go of someting is also a desire, and that is what i was talking about "overruning", if you ignore everything else and only try to let go, you probably wont. But i think the conscious choice of deciding to let go is important.I also think that this decision happens very naturally, if you try to force yourself to let go, you will not get far. Thank you for your rep
  6. When I first spoke to a friend in the Ecclesia Pistis Sophia order(the one headed by Tau Malachi) and he asked me about my deepest desires, I found it quite odd. I told him about my lofty spiritual goals and he asked me more about real world things. It was interesting. I found it strange because I was of the opinion that desires need to be let go of to advance but sometimes the path is through them? Nevertheless I couldn't really wrap my head around it. I'm sure Tau Malachi has said insightful things to say about this. (will look for a talk) Also, Isn't le
  7. I got to examine this a bit more, so here's an update. While letting go of something is improtant o make a priority, one should not let it overrun the thing you are trying to let go of. It is important to let it have space and let it hapen anturally.
  8. My experience, not based in science. Letting go of you deepest dreams to me is a lot like letting go of your deepest attachments. They run deep, to the very core of you and cause a lot of pain and doubt and joy and excitement. I struggled years with one big one. So much so, that I actually contemplated (for years) if i want that attachment or to let go. One day i noticed something had changed, I was able to make the conscious decision of letting go of this thing... To me one of the things that it entails is that i might never have it, i have decided to let go of it. And
  9. You may be interested in this. This video explains what it's about
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